What Countries Offer a Golden Visa in 2023

Getting permanent residence or even a second passport is easy when you figure out what countries offer a Golden Visa. Whether you dream of living a lifestyle abroad or are making necessary tax moves and financial decisions, a Golden Visa may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

These Golden Visas are offered worldwide to those who qualify for them. Along with getting residency and even citizenship, holders can take advantage of other benefits such as healthcare, the tax system, and opening businesses and investments.

While a Golden Visa is for a select handful of people, it’s perfect for those who want to live a remote or expat lifestyle without having to find a job abroad or apply for temporary digital nomad visas.

In this article, we’ll go over what countries offer a Golden Visa and the requirements and benefits that come along with each one.

What is a Golden Visa?
Firstly, we should start by defining exactly what a Golden Visa is. A Golden Visa allows permanent residence and sometimes citizenship by investment.

This investment could be the purchase of real estate, a donation, or making other monetary contributions. The amount required to obtain a Golden Visa can be anywhere between $150,000 to millions of dollars.

With many Golden Visa programs, you may include your family members. Some programs even allow extended family members such as parents and even grandparents.

Countries that offer this type of residency or citizenship by investment are mostly in the Caribbean and Europe.

Who is Eligible for a Golden Visa?
There are fairly loose requirements you must meet in order to be eligible for a Golden Visa. While each country has its own requirements, below are the basic fundamentals of what you must meet to be eligible.

Clean Criminal Record
Meet Required Investment
Hold Required Investment for Set Period
Prove You Acquired Funds for Investment Legally
Proof the Funds are Solely Yours
If you align with these requirements, then you’ll definitely want to keep reading to see what countries offer a golden visa.

Will a Golden Visa Lead to Citizenship?
Some countries offer citizenship by investment allowing you to skip a required residency period in the country.

However, some programs – not all – do allow you to apply for citizenship after holding residency in the country for either five or ten years.

It’s important to note that just because you have a Golden Visa does not always lead a path to citizenship.

What Countries Offer a Golden Visa?
As of 2022, there are 22 countries around the world that offer a Golden Visa program to investors.