Extremely Useful Tips To Get The Fastest Schengen Visa from Dubai

Europe is one of the most beautiful continents in the world. It’s everyone’s wish to get lost in the beauty of Europe’s winding streets and alleys at least once in a lifetime. With a Schengen visa, you can visit 29 European countries. But if you are a UAE resident thinking that getting a Schengen visa is a daunting task this post is for you. You need to follow certain visa procedures to get an approved visa. Here, with our long years of experience, we came up with expert tips to get the fastest Schengen visa from Dubai.

1.Completely filled Schengen visa application form

The visa application form is a crucial document that provides essential information about the applicant and the purpose of their visit to the Schengen Area. It must be accurately and fully completed to ensure a smooth processing of the visa application.

You should not miss any points while filling Schengen visa application form. Those points that are not applicable to you should be marked as N/A. An incomplete visa application will lead to delay or rejection.

By submitting a fully completed visa application form along with all required supporting documents, you increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for your Schengen visa application from the UAE. It’s essential to review the application form carefully before submission to avoid any errors or omissions that could impact the processing of your visa application.

How to get fastest Schengen visa from Dubai

2. Passport-size photograph as per the Schengen requirements

When submitting passport-size photographs for a Schengen visa application, it’s essential to adhere to these specifications to ensure that your application is not rejected due to non-compliance with the photograph requirements.

You need to submit recent passport-size pictures x2 (not older than 6 months) with a white background, complying with EU recommendations. For detailed photo requirements can visit here.

If you’re unsure about the specific requirements for photographs, you can refer to the guidelines provided by the consulate or visa application center processing your visa application.

3. Apply for your visa well in advance before your planned date

It is advised that you should apply for your visa up to 6 months ahead of your trip and at least 3 weeks before you intend to travel. It may take 2-3 weeks for you to get an approved visa after you file a visa application. So you need to lodge a visa application well in advance.

Applying for a Schengen visa in advance offers several advantages that may include enough visa processing time, ample time to plan your itinerary, flexibility to change your travel plans, avoiding rush fees, and peace of mind. Overall it ensures fast processing to get the quickest Schengen visa from the UAE.

4. Valid passport

Before you file a Schengen visa application make sure that your passport is valid for at least 90 days from the date of expiry of the requested visa. Also, the passport should contain at least 2 blank pages. It’s essential to carefully review the passport validity requirements of the Schengen country you plan to visit and ensure that your passport meets these criteria before applying for a Schengen visa.

5. Valid UAE residence visa

The Schengen visa application process typically requires applicants to demonstrate legal residence in the country where they are applying for the visa. Since you are applying for a Schengen visa from the UAE, having a valid UAE residence visa is a fundamental requirement.

If you are a UAE resident with foreign nationality traveling to Europe your UAE residence visa must be valid three months beyond the intended date of departure from the territory of the Schengen Member States.

It’s essential to ensure that your residency documents are up to date and comply with the requirements of the Schengen consulate or embassy where you are applying.

6. Official bank statement

An official bank statement for the last 3/6 months is required with a bank stamp. This is required as proof to immigration authorities that an applicant possesses enough money to support themselves financially and cover their expenses till the end of their stay in the Schengen Area in Europe.

Your bank statement shows your bank balance, sources of income, and income consistency which are the main parameters to consider that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses, including accommodation, transportation, meals, and other incidental costs, throughout your planned visit to Europe.

By providing a comprehensive and accurate bank statement along with any required supporting documents, you can increase your chances of a successful Schengen visa application.

7. Valid NOC

In some cases, an NOC (No Objection Certificate) may be required for a Schengen visa application from the UAE. A NOC is a document issued by your employer confirming that they have no objection to your travel plans and that you have been granted leave for the duration of your trip.

The NOC should typically include details such as your name, passport number, dates of travel, purpose of travel, and confirmation that your employer has no objection to your trip. It should be signed and stamped by an authorized representative of the employer.

NOC also proves that you are working with the organization in your country of residence and will return to your job once you complete your Schengen trip. In case you are a business owner you need to present your trade license.

8. Proof of financial means

Embassies cannot accept Travel Money Cards or cash as proof of sufficient funds. Proof of financial means should be an applicant’s bank account statement for the last 3/6 months with the account owner’s name and address. There should have been active purchases through the same account within the said period. If you are unemployed and on a dependent visa then you can also submit your spouse’s or parent’s bank account statement.

It’s essential to provide clear and verifiable documentation to support your financial means when applying for a Schengen visa. It is advisable to check the guidelines provided by the respective Schengen consulate or embassy and ensure that you meet the financial requirements for your visa application.

9. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory to get a Schengen visa from UAE. Having the right travel medical insurance will cover accidents, medical emergencies, or repatriation in the case of death during your visit to the Schengen countries in Europe.

The travel insurance policy should be valid for the entire duration of your planned stay in the Schengen Area, including any additional days for travel before or after your intended dates of entry and exit. It must be issued by an insurance provider that is recognized and accepted by the Schengen Area member states.

When submitting your Schengen visa application, you will need to provide details of your travel insurance policy, including the policy number, coverage amounts, validity dates, and contact information for the insurance provider.

Make sure to obtain the travel insurance policy well in advance of your visa application to avoid any last-minute issues or delays.

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Expert tips to get fastest Schengen visa from Dubai

10. Copy of Tenancy contract

A copy of the tenancy contract is often required as part of the supporting documentation for a Schengen visa application from the UAE. It serves as proof of your accommodation arrangements during your stay in the Schengen Area and helps demonstrate your ties to your home country.

In case you don’t have a tenancy contract or living in shared accommodation you need to add a letter of explanation for the same as a supporting document. Ensure that the tenancy contract is clear, complete, and matches the information provided in your visa application and travel itinerary.

11. Clear trip itinerary

You need to present a clear trip itinerary to the Europe Schengen area. With a Schengen visa, you get entry to 29 Schengen countries in Europe. But you need to stay longer in the Schengen country to which you have applied than others. If you are planning to visit only famous places in multiple countries for a shorter period of time, it will be considered a doubtful itinerary in the eyes of immigration authorities.

A clear trip itinerary is a crucial component of a Schengen visa application, providing essential details of your travel plans and helping visa authorities assess the validity and purpose of your visit.

It’s important to ensure that your itinerary is accurate, comprehensive, and supported by relevant documentation, such as hotel reservations and transportation bookings, to increase your chances of visa approval.

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12. Proof of accommodation

Proof of accommodation in the Schengen countries you are going to visit can be a booked hotel or rent agreement or an invitation letter from the host where the applicant stays is required to be submitted. Submitting proof of accommodation helps visa authorities assess the validity and purpose of your visit, ensuring that you have suitable arrangements for your stay and are not likely to overstay your visa. It’s essential to provide accurate and verifiable documentation to support your visa application and increase your chances of approval.

13. Valid documents for minors accompanying you

If you are traveling with children to which you are not a legal guardian, you need to submit supporting valid documents for the same. Minors (individuals under the age of 18) traveling with an adult guardian or parent need to provide specific documents to support their visa application.

These documents may include a passport valid for at least three months beyond the intended stay in the Schengen Area,  a completed and signed visa application form for the minor, a birth certificate, a parental consent letter, proof of relationship between the minor and the accompanying adult, such as a family book, court order, or custody documents if applicable, travel itinerary and travel insurance of a minor. It’s essential to check the specific requirements of the Schengen country you plan to visit, as document requirements may vary slightly from one country to another.

14. Avoid applying for a visa during national holidays in the Schengen country

During national holidays, embassies and consulates may be closed, leading to delays in processing visa applications. If you submit your application just before or during a holiday period, it may not be processed until after the holiday, extending the overall processing time. Avoiding visa applications during national holidays in the Schengen country can help ensure a smoother and more efficient application process, minimizing delays and increasing the likelihood of a timely visa approval.

15. Prepare well for your visa interview

Preparing well for your visa interview is crucial to increase your chances of getting the fastest Schengen visa from Dubai. Give your visa interview without any hesitations. Well-prepared visa interview will let authorities know more about you as a person and your intentions to travel to Europe.

Remember to stay calm, confident, prepare thoroughly, and be honest throughout the process, and provide all requested information and documentation promptly during your Schengen visa interview.

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“Some things in life are worth waiting for!”. In reality, there is no fastest way to get a Schengen visa from the embassy. But you can definitely speed up your application process with the completely filled application form, submitting the required supporting documents, clear trip itinerary, and boldly facing visa interview.

If you follow the tips we mentioned above you will be successful in getting the fastest Schengen visa from Dubai. Europe trip will never be only a dream and getting a Schengen visa will no more be a daunting task for you hereafter.

Contact us for any assistance with your Schengen visa application from UAE. We wish you all the best in getting your Schengen visa and a very happy and memorable Europe trip.

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