Apply for Croatia Tourist Visa from Dubai, UAE

Croatia is a southeast European country famous for its scenic pebbled beaches, which are beautifully lapped by crystal-clear waters. Breathtaking views, kayaking, windsurfing, yachting, unspoiled nature, organic wines and treats, ancient cathedrals and ruins and 24-hour dance parties are some of the reasons for you to visit Croatia once in a lifetime. To visit Croatia from UAE you need to apply for Croatia Schengen Visa as Croatia is a European country that comes under the Schengen zone. Our team will assist you with Schengen tourist visa requirements for UAE residents and guide you throughout the visa application process to get Croatia tourist visa from Dubai.

Type of Visa required to Enter Croatia from Dubai

The kind of visa you need to apply for when visiting Croatia depends on your intended purpose for traveling and the length of your stay.

1. Tourist Visa for Croatia

If you are visiting the nation for tourism, you should apply for this type of short-term stay visa.

You are allowed to spend up to 90 days in Croatia with this type of visa during a 180-day period. You have the option to apply for a single entry visa, which allows you to enter the Schengen region just once, or multiple entry visas, which allows you to enter the area numerous times throughout the duration of the visa.

2. Business Visa for Croatia

If you are traveling for
2. Business Visa for Croatia
You should apply for this visa if you are visiting Croatia on business. You are not permitted to work; you may only conduct business-related activities.

Who Should Apply for Croatia Tourist Visa from UAE?

UAE residents with foreign nationalities who do not belong to any of the Schengen visa-exempt categories need to apply for a Croatia tourist visa. UAE citizens don’t need a tourist visa to Croatia.

Croatia Tourist Visa from Dubai

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