25 Things Not To Do In Europe During Your Trip: Know What Not to Do As A Tourist in Europe.

Europe is one of the most spectacular continents in the world. If you are planning a Europe trip for the first time then you must want it to be stress-free and inexpensive. For this, you should avoid some common mistakes that many of the travelers do. Here we are sharing with you the list of mistakes to avoid and get the most out of your trip. Find below a list of things not to do in Europe during your trip.

1.Avoid Drinking in Public

Drinking in public is totally legal in some countries like Germany but in other European countries such as Poland, it is considered illegal. It is considered an offence and you will get fined if caught. You can always go to a bar or an eatery if you wish to drink.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Avoid Drinking in Public

2. Avoid Taking Selfies

In some European countries like Milan, selfie sticks are banned. So, it is always better to just ask a fellow tourist to snap a photo for you

Things Not to Do in Europe - Avoid Taking Selfies

3. Do Not Litter

You will be fined if you do litter while traveling in Europe. There is a ban on using plastic bottles and cutleries in European countries.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Avoid Litter

4. Avoid Wearing Heels at Historic Sites

Wearing heels at certain historic sites in Greece and Italy should be avoided. Especially Greek archaeological sites, including the Acropolis. This should be followed by people visiting these places otherwise they need to pay huge fines.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Avoid Wearing Heels at Historic Sites

5. Do Not invite The Waiter By Waving

Waving at the waiter in European countries is considered very impolite and disrespectful. Instead of waving at them, you can either gesture at them via eye contact or you could just slightly indicate that your order remains to be taken by showing your hand just a little bit.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Do Not Invite The Waiter By Waving

6. Do Not Use The Bicycle Lanes For Walking

Walking on lanes meant for bicycles is a serious offense and can be very dangerous for both the bicyclist and you. It could lead to injuries which would ultimately hamper your happy vacation mood

Things Not to Do in Europe - Do Not Use Bicycle Lanes for Walking

7. Do not Assume That Everyone Knows English

Although English is one of the most widely spoken languages, some Europeans even being bilingual and trilingual are not expected to know the language. Learning some basic words or sentences in the local language while visiting Europe is better.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Do Not Assume that Everyone Knows English

8. Wearing only a Bikini in Public Places

In many parts of Europe, it’s against the law to wear only a bikini or swimming shorts in the street. Authorities may impose fines if people are caught wearing swimwear away from the beach.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Wearing Only a Bikini in Public

9. Do Not Leave A Bigger Tip Than Required

Usually, when we visit restaurants we offer a few percent of the bill as tips for the service provided by the waiters. It is also considered good etiquette. But if you are in Europe, it is the best idea to ask the locals to know how much is an adequate amount to tip the service staff in a restaurant or café. This will also save your budget.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Do Not Leave a Bigger Tip Than Required

10. Avoid Jaywalking

Jaywalking is considered when you cross or walk in the street or road unlawfully or without regard for approaching traffic. In some European countries like Germany, it’s a common social rule not to cross a pedestrian crossing before the light turns green. If you make a run for it, you could be fined a big amount.


Things Not to Do in Europe - Avoid Jaywalking

11. Avoid Taxis Late At Night

You should avoid taking taxis at night in European countries. Instead, you should opt for services such as AlloCab, LeCab, Uber, etc.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Avoid Taxis at Late Night

12. Peeing in the Ocean

In European countries, especially in Portugal, you can get busted for using the ocean as your toilet. This is in a bid to clean up the beaches as well as reduce hygiene and sanitary risks.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Peeing in The Ocean in European Countries

13. Only visiting major tourist attractions

You should not visit only major tourist attractions during your Europe trip. For example, if you are in France you visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris and after that, you move on to the next country in Europe Germany. If you do like this you will not get plenty of time to feel the culture and other scenic views in one country. This will also hamper your budget and you will get exhausted soon.

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Things Not to Do in Europe - Only Visiting Majot Tourist Attractions

14. Not Being Open to  Local Culture

You must love the culture of your own hometown but when you are traveling to some other country you should respect and treat local customs and traditions as something new to experience instead of getting afraid of it.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Not Being Open to Local Culture

15. Assuming restrooms are free.

Restrooms in Europe are not free, you have to pay a small fee usually a coin or two in local currency to enter public restrooms and use it. So always keep some coins in local currency throughout your travel for this purpose.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Assuming Restrooms Are Free

16.Not trusting local people

While traveling to European countries become fearless and trust local businesses or local service providers it will help you to make the most out of your European vacation

Things Not to Do in Europe - Not Trusting Local People

17. Avoiding public transportation

Some people feel like taxis are great as you can travel at your convenience. But you should not ignore the fact that public transport such as buses or trains also has much more benefits. Traveling by public transportation in Europe will not only save you money but also it will help you to properly plan and schedule your visits to local attractions.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Avoiding Public Transportation

18. Being too loud

Sometimes it is your tone that makes some impression of your’s on the person in front of you. While traveling to Europe you should always match the general volume of those

Things Not to Do in Europe - Being Too Loud

19. Stick with the Planned Itinerary Only

It’s not wrong to stick to your itinerary while traveling in Europe. But you should not get hung up on the details of your itinerary and miss out on unique opportunities that may not be in the guidebook. Travel with an open mind and a willingness to learn and you’ll be sure to have an unbelievable trip to Europe.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Stick With The Planned Itinerary

20. Eating near tourist attractions.

Restaurants and cafes near famous tourist attractions are mostly overpriced. So if possible head a little further to try some local options that will not only save you money but also you can taste delicious regional cuisines within your budget.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Eating Near Tourist Attractions

21. Avoid Feeding Pigeons

It is illegal to feed pigeons in many European countries including France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. It is for some good reason as acidic excrement left behind by pigeons damages the delicate mosaics that adorn historic buildings and monuments. So, if you feed pigeons your act of kindness may result in you earning a big fine.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Avoid Feeding Pigeons

22.Walking around in your bathing suit

Walking around in a bathing suit or swimsuit is strictly prohibited in some European countries like Italy and Spain. They charge big fines to tourists if caught on the road in such costumes.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Walking Around in Your Bathing Suit

23.Driving in Sandals

Proper footwear is required Driving with sleepers or sandals is a criminal offense in some European countries like Spain. You will end up with a fine if you don’t wear proper footwear.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Driving in Sandals

24.Running out of Fuel

While you are traveling in Europe, you should always make sure to have plenty of fuel in your vehicle. It is illegal to run out of fuel in some countries in Europe like Germany.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Running Out Of Fuel

25.Not being aware of local laws

Each country in Europe has its laws and regulations, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with these before you visit. This will prevent you from landing in uncomfortable situations, and reduce your stress, and budget.

Things Not to Do in Europe - Not Being Aware Of Local Laws

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Final Words:

To visit more than half of the countries in Europe you need to get a Schengen visa and other visas specific to those countries. But it’s not all about making a Europe trip plan, getting a visa, or packing a bag and you are ready to start with your journey. When you are traveling to some other country especially Europe, you get experience with diverse cultures, ethnicities, languages, and people. If you keep in mind the list of things not to do in Europe it will save you time, and money by keeping you safe from landing in any unfortunate incidents.

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